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BIOFACH CHINA 2018 XLK perfect ending

The 12th BIOFACH CHINA China International Organic Products Expo was held on May 24, 2018 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. The exhibition attracted domestic and foreign experts from government, associations, scientific research, agriculture, marketing, media and other professional fields. Many domestic well-known organic brand manufacturers are gathered here. A wide array of organic products have demonstrated to the world the fruits of the vigorous development of China's organic business.

As an organic product company focused on eco-agriculture for nearly 20 years, Xinglongyi has led the delegation to Shanghai to participate in this organic feast and has used the new decoration design concept to once again explain to the world “the quality of life to guide natural health” Efforts" brand goals.

This year is the 12th year for Xinglongyi to participate in the China Organic Exhibition. In order to express the sincere intention of “bringing healthy organic food into the life of millions of households”, Xinglongfu adopted the “home kitchen”. The design style allows a fresh combination of nature and modern life. Even if you do not have your own organic fields, you can move organic food into your home!


Five-colored food, five flavor kitchen

Food is a direct way to bring people and nature closer together, and it also has a close relationship with the health of people. The theme design of the "home and kitchen" in this eco-town adopts a real scene to restore and interpret the lifestyle of "returning nature to life".

The five-colored grains are filled with the five flavors of life, endless living grounds, and creating unlimited taste buds for mankind. This is not only a natural civilization, but also a natural world. In the process of harvesting food, we not only saw healthy vitality, but also understood the true meaning of food for the people.

At this exhibition, the products exhibited by the eco-town include nearly 50 kinds of organic grains, organic edible oils, and organic feeds. The real “food in the depths of black soil” was moved into the kitchen at home. The combination of five colors and interpretation of the changes of the four seasons is the fruit of the earth. It is a natural art.


Selecting ingredients and conveying organic "new ideas"

The law of the earth gives birth to colored foods. Nature's way nourishes black atmosphere. Food is the gift of nature and land to mankind. Following the law of natural maturation of food and eating in season, it is also the basic principle for creating a healthy life. In this exhibition, the ecological town sponsored organic foods for the “Chinese Organic Ingredients Dinner” hosted by Nuremberg Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., together with the exquisite cooking skills of professional chefs, bringing healthy and natural taste to the exhibitors on site. .


Communicate with each other and pull closer to "you, me, and him"

At this exhibition, the eco-town has attracted the attention of many foreign exhibitors with its natural and warm design style. Many foreign friends have stopped and watched while passing through the eco-town booth. Some foreign company representatives have come to the booth and ours. Staff conduct cooperation negotiations.


Brilliant ending, walking forward

On the evening of May 25th, the "China International Organic Products Expo Award Ceremony" organized by Nuremberg Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was held in the lobby of the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center.

The awards ceremony brought together many organic companies and international certification organizations at home and abroad. After discussion and vote by the Selection Committee, Xinglongjing Ecological Products Co., Ltd. of Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone won the “China International Organic Fair” Gold Medal. Sales manager Yan Lei received the award on behalf of the company, and took photos with several award-winning company representatives and award winners.

Honor is both an encouragement and a spur, and Xinglongyi will regard this as a new starting point. With more professional and scientific technology and management, it will continuously improve the quality and quality of products, enabling friends from all over the world to enjoy healthy, organic, Natural food, at the same time, we also hope to have more like-minded peers to join us and contribute our due contribution to food safety, human health, and environmental protection!


Ecological cereals, healthy sharing

On the last day of the exhibition on May 26th, we launched an organic fair on the site. Many Shanghai residents and exhibitors came here to find out. In just a few tens of minutes, all the organic products in the ecological town were “swept away”. Some of the staff at the exhibition site came to order the products, and the endless stream of exhibitors made the ecological small town booth a “surrounding center”.

Organic life is a healthy life. Every grain of rice and drop of oil we eat is in the process of voting for our future health. In recent years, Xinglong Yan has paid more attention to the quality of organic food products while attaching importance to the development of the enterprise. check. From the careful selection of organic seeds, the selection of plots to planting and harvesting, strict management is strictly followed according to organic standards, and organic traceability from the source to the production process is fully realized, and the food safety on the people's table is always guarded. And health.

Finally, the mayor wanted to say: As one of the many companies engaged in the organic industry in China, Xinglongbang not only benefited from the unique geographic environment advantages of the planting base for coarse grains, but also benefited from the unremitting efforts of the honest and hard-working Xinglong people. Thanks to the strong support and trust given by various agents, partners and the community for a long time, we will always be grateful for the future and always maintain high-quality quality and service. We will never forget our heart and integrity.

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